Every party, event or gathering has it’s own personal touch.

Bevy Cocktail Catering wants to help you make it even more unique! With this in mind we have created many different specialty bars, which can be selected individually or added to any existing package.

Signature Drinks

Whether you choose a welcome drink as guests arrive, a drink to match a color or theme a signature drink is a great way to customize your event in a unique and memorable way. The options are endless. Let the drink masters at Bevy Cocktail Catering offer suggestions and combinations for you and your guests.

Temecula Wine Country

They call Temecula Wine Country there is no better way to show your guests the best all in one place than a Wine Tasting. Choose 6 wines from various wineries or let us choose for you.

Choose 6 wines from various wineries or let us choose for you.

Champagne Bar

Just the act of opening a bottle of champagne is enough to mark a celebration. Why not take it one step further with a Champagne Bar? We will provide specialty mixers to flavor your champagne and fresh fruit garnishes.

Bloody Mary Bar

Bevy Cocktail Catering provides all the key ingredients, vodka, spiced tomato juice, ice and garnishes to create a Bloody Mary just how you like it. Whether for a Sunday brunch, or an early afternoon wedding your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Martini Bar

Shaken or stirred?  Choose from a selection of specialty Martini cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Bevy Cocktail Catering will provide all the key ingredients.