Host provides a set number of complimentary drinks, and after that number is met, guests pay cash on a per drink basis.

No Host Bar

Beverages are paid for by guests, on a per-drink basis. Also known as a “cash bar”

Hosted Bar

When planning a event, whether it be a wedding or cocktail party at your home, planning the bar can become overwhelming. How much do you buy, what drinks should you serve, who is going to make the drinks? Hiring a professional cocktail catering service can help to take the worry and stress out of the bar planning.

Design Your Own Package

We know that everyone has different preferences in the cocktails that they enjoy that is why we offer the flexibility of designing a beverage package to meet your tastes and your catering needs.

Choose your favorite Beers, Wines, Champagne for the toast, and Liquors We will customize a package to fit your event and budget.


Let us help eliminate the stress of trying to figure out how much alcohol to buy, what mixers to provide, how much ice you will need and how you will get it all to the venue.


Bevy Cocktail Catering Specialists will work with you to customize your package. We understand that no two events are the same. We want to help you customize your beverage catering to best meet your tastes, budget and needs.


We are committed to make your event memorable. Looking for easy elegance, local beer & wine or the creativity of signature cocktails and custom drinks, Bevy is a full-service beverage supplier.

Our packages feature premium wine, liquor and beer selections at all levels and can be customized to best compliment your event.

Our packages feature premium wine, liquor and beer selections at all levels and can be customized to best compliment your event. To best provide you with pricing we will estimate your event based on guest count, venue, and time of year. We know that not all venues, weddings, parties and events are the same and that each one is unique. We customize all of our events to fit the needs of the client and your guests.

All packages include Coke products, bottled water, plastic glasses, napkins and ice. Full bars will include also cranberry, orange and pineapple juice, tonic, club soda, ginger ale, olives, cherries, vermouth, grenadine, bottle pourers, and stirrers. We also have available portable draft jockey boxes.

* Service Fee may be adjusted based on proximity of event to our store and type of venue.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate or holiday event, private party or fundraiser Bevy Cocktail Catering can supply you with everything you need, including expert guidance to help you with your beverage selections. As a fully licensed and insured company we specialize in bartenders and cocktail catering. Our experienced and friendly staff is delighted to fulfill any special requests, offer expert beverage knowledge and create a custom package just for you.